What To and What Not To Wear In Engagements

Engagement are pompous affair in India, thus one not only needs to choose the perfect ring to exchange but also needs the perfection in looks for this big day.

Many believe that marriages are about two people following in love and deciding to live together till death. But this doesn’t stand true for India; do not be surprised I have an explanation.  Indian marriages not only involve a girl and boy who may or may not be in love with each other, nevertheless encompasses two families and their extended families. Although it appears to be a marriage of two individual but in reality it is conjugal of two families. Indian marriages are long and extended process and are commenced step by step. The wedding starts with the celebration of engagement of the would-be-couples. This is celebrated and named in variety of names in different part of India, however recently the trend of exchanging rings are becoming more and more common among all the customs. Therefore, it has resulted in the prominence and increasing demands for diamond engagement rings in India.

In India, engagement is nothing less than marriage itself as it consists of customary ceremony and comprises many guest and food. It symbolizes the commencement of the upcoming marriage. As mentioned before that engagement celebration may differ from the region to region but it mostly consists of ring exchange and exchange of gifts in between the families of the bride and groom. Similar to the wedding both the would-be-bride and groom are expected to be dressed up usually in the traditional attire, thus it is essential to get the right look for the engagement too.

This requires one to remember certain dos and don’ts for the engagement, to look special, especially for the girl:

  • Hit the bull’s eye: One has to remember that she is going to be the centre of attention; pictures are going to be clicked. Therefore it is essential to get the make-up and accessories right and perfected if need by a professional.
  • Save some for the marriage: it is a step before the marriage and not the marriage itself. So in case of too loud dress and make-up are chosen it will look over the top. Both the dress and make-up should be subtle and yet gorgeous.
  • A bit different: as wedding in India are mostly traditional and comprises of traditional attires, engagement is the time when one could be adventures especially with the dress or the colour. In Indian wedding the bride is expected to be adorning bright colours especially red, fuchsia, bright pink and others. So go for the pastel shades in the engagement.
  • Comfort is also important: this is vital, be sure whatever you wear it should be comfortable for you.

There is another aspect of a perfect engagement that is the ring, there are various option of diamond engagement rings in India, but remember to choose the one you adore as this is something that you are going to wear all your life.

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