Four Variations of Piercing for Nose Pins

Nose piercing is both, part of culture and fashion trend and looks beautiful on each and every women.


Nose pins and rings have its significance and charm for particular countries and religions and for others it is commonly followed fashion trend. Sporting nose ring has been a prevailing fashion. But in the country such India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and others nose piercing and wearing nose pin or ring is a compulsion in certain sections of the society. This explains the reasoning for both the regular and virtual market being flooded with different style of diamond nose pins, or gold ring and others.

Nose piercing has an implication for both the religion Hinduism and Islam. Among the Hindu’s nose piercing and nose ornaments are the sign of marriage and also is considered to make women more fertile. Among many Hindus, nose piercing is also a symbol of paying respect to the Goddess of marriage, Goddesses Parvati. Similarly in many of the Muslims too, it is seen as the sign of marriage, and frequently noted adorning rings, the size of which is sometimes to depict the wealth of the groom. However, interestingly although prevalent among all the Muslims, but it is a taboo among the Kashmiri Muslims and not worn by the women in Kashmir.

Nose piercing was one thing that has travelled from east to west rather than the opposite. The dancing girl statue of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations is seen wearing nose pin. Thus this was a trend in this sub-continent for ages and later it becomes fashion statement.  Today there are several types of nose piercing, let us cheek four of the common style:

    • Conventional style: conventionally the piercing is done on the left lobe of the nose. This is the safest, as this has been the part of the culture for centuries.

Nose Pin Conventional Piercing

    • High up: If you want to settle to something smart and trendy then go for the piercing which is done on higher up on the nostrils and exactly where nostril bone ends. As this does not involve any bone it is not very painful.

High up nose piercing

    • Septum piercing: This can save you from you the confusion as you are going midway. This is however could be painful and could be irritating in case of cold and wiping the nose. But this looks good especially with the horseshoe nose rings.

Septum Piercing nose pins

  • Bridge piercing: this literally could be seen as closer to the eyes, as this piercing is done on the nose bridge. It is not painful nevertheless could make your nose sore.

brigde nose pins

Be it any piercing style, if you are keen to flaunt your nose and also follow to the trend then go ahead and accentuate your piercing with a diamond nose pins or a gold ring.

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