Role of Clarity in the Quality of A Diamond

It is rare to find diamond without impurity; this impurity is the factor on the basis of which the grading of the diamond is decided.


They dazzle and enamor all of us; they are the brightest of all. Yes! I am talking about diamonds, the every woman’s best friend. It is true, diamond is considered to be the royal and elegant in comparison to the other gems. Diamonds has an aura that is capable of mesmerizing and fills the owner with the sense of pride. Due to this charm, today’s market is full of diamond jewellery, be it diamond bracelet or a diamond earrings for women or a necklace they are available everywhere in the regular and virtual markets.

However diamond purchasing is skill which entitles the owner safety of the sanguine product. In case some of us do not have this unique skills, then the best way out is to buy diamonds from the jewellers and online stores assuring and certification the diamonds sold, such as online stores like Diaashi.  This online store provides certification from the international reputed labs like GIA, IGI for every diamond products sold by them. Additionally, one can always learn a bit about the 3Cs of the diamonds that is cut, color and the clarity which will further assist them while purchasing a diamond. The 3Cs which is essential to recognize the quality of all diamonds was first introduced to the masses by the De Beers diamond conglomerate in their diamond ads.

In case of clarity, diamonds are naturally found in the earth with some impurity and sometimes the color of the diamond is the outcome of the impurity and defect in it. These impurities in the diamonds are referred as inclusions. The diamonds are graded according to the number of inclusion and also the size of the inclusion. Plus there are other aspects such as the location, nature and the variety of inclusion present in the diamond, as it is only frequently that one comes across a completely flawless diamonds. Although the price and aura of the diamond depends on these inclusion which most of the time are not visible in naked eyes, but some of the inclusion make some diamonds unique too.

diamond clarity chart

There is diamonds in which a hydrogen cloud of inclusion forms a different shapes and size which makes them unique. Some of these features shape such as Venetian mask, ballerina mid-arabesque, star and unicorn. This diamonds are priceless because of the flaws in them. Although interesting, however all diamonds with inclusion are not unique and also diminish its price value too. So check the clarity of the diamond before purchasing any diamond jewellery especially if you are buying diamond earring online as earrings get noticed very easily.

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