4 Popular Types of Engagement Rings

There are several types of engagement rings available however only some of them are more preferred as engagement rings than the other.

The minute we say the word such as glitter, sheen and bright we invariable relate to the most gorgeous rock that is diamond. Although it is popularly claimed that diamonds are women best friend which is an accepted notion but this does not mean that men are not fond of diamonds at all. The aura of diamond is not restricted to a particular gender, it is perpetually agreed to be beautiful and alluring. This is one the reasons that solitaire engagement rings are preferred by couples from all over the world. Diamond embedded rings are not restricted to only women, men adoring solitaire rings are becoming common in the given times. This is more frequently noted as engagement rings.Diamond Enigma Solitaire Ring

The credit for making the solitaire popular goes to the De Beers which had campaigned strongly in order to propagate this idea in mid-nineties. This initiative was motivated by the fact that after the great Depression in Europe, solitaire and diamonds were losing its ground both as a jewellery stone and also as engagement rings. The success of the initiative has its replication and impact till date. Presently, there are several designs and patterns that have evolved over the time. The market has also successfully introduced cut diamond pieces in jewellery which has been a major hit, as it is affordable and is trendy. However this invention has no way challenged the sensation that a solitaire retains for ages and will continue to in future. Diamonds setting makes the main difference; there are several setting styles that are preferred as engagement rings along with the solitaire.

  • Solitaire: this is a single stone setting, and the piece of rock is accented. Unlike the other styles there are no other stones around the center piece. These rings are mostly simple and neat.
  • Rings with side stones: as name suggests there are rings on the side of the center diamond. These styles could be created through different diamond settings but most common are the channel setting and prong setting.
  • Three stone rings: these rings are generally preferred for anniversary celebrations. There is a particular reason for choosing these rings for anniversary because three stone symbolizes past, present and future. These strengthen the relationship. As clear by the name the ring consist of three stones together, which are mounted by different setting style especially the prong setting.
  • Matching sets: There could be matching bands for the bride groom also. They are designed to be paired together.

There are other styles available in market also, however nothing could bet the prominence and popularity of solitaire engagement rings for both men and women.

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